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1jan '14


Consultancy and assessment on the key international supply chain standard ISO28000 added to our portfolio of products. ISO 28000 specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance of the supply chain.

30nov '13

Supply Chain Resilience 2013

CoDRIM are delighted to have once again supported the Business Continuity Institute Annual survey ‘Supply Chain Resilience 2013'

5oct '13

‘Crossing the Bosphorus’ A culture based approach to Organisational Resilience.

Co-authored by Colin Ive and Bogac Ozgen, and based upon their personal experiences, this white paper looks at the importance of understanding cultural differences when seeking to work with or partner organisations in different cultures across the world.


Building Resilience in the Supply Chain BRiSC2012

Sponsored this year by Microsoft the 4th Annual BRiSC conference was well attended and, in the main, had excellent speakers providing a cross section of expert views on supply chain resilience and how to achieve it.

23jan '13

BRiSC Radio

Launch BRiSC Radio. A new and exciting series of podcasts with news, views, global experts and advice from across the fields of Resilience.

7nov '12

Supply Chain Resilience 2012

CoDRIM are delighted to have supported the Business Continuity Institute 4th Annual survey ‘Supply Chain Resilience 2012'

19sep '12


3rd Annual BRiSC conference was delighted to be the launch platform for the Cabinet Office, BCI and Emergency Planning Society sponsored book ‘Business Continuity for Dummies

31may '12

Colin Ive named Business Continuity Industry Personality of the Year at CIR Business Continuity Awards

CoDRIM Ltd., organisers of this year’s Building Resilience in the Supply Chain conference, would like to congratulate their principal consultant Colin Ive MBA MBCI on winning the coveted and prestigious award of Business Continuity Industry Personality of the Year at last night’s gala awards ceremony.

30may '12

CIR Business Continuity Awards

Principal Consultant Colin Ive shortlisted for ‘Industry Personality of the Year Award’ will he win? Watch this space for news….

16may '12


CoDRIM announce details of the  conference ‘Building Resilience in the Supply Chain’  BRiSC2012. See

24apr '12

BCI eWorkshops

Commenced the delivery of the first in a series of eWorkshops for the BCI during 2012. See

18mar '12

Technical Expert for BS25999

Principal Consultant Colin Ive accepted as a Technical Expert for BS25999 with the British Standards Institute.

17feb '12

CIR magazine Business Continuity Awards

Codrim are delighted that their principal consultant Colin Ive MBA MBCI has been nominated as Industry Personality of the Year in the CIR magazine Business Continuity Awards

6feb '12

BCI Webinars

Following the hugely successful global workshops of 2011 Codrim are delighted to extend their work with the Business Continuity Institute into 2012 developing and presenting webinars on a variety of high interest subjects. View photos from 2011

26jan '12

Council Workshop

Presented at and helped facilitate a Plymouth City Council workshop ‘Emergency Management Training for Elected Members’

17dec '11

Business Continuity for Dummies

Pleased to be contributing to the Cabinet Office sponsored book “Business Continuity for Dummies” due to be published by Wiley in the second half of 2012.

16sep '11

BRiSC 2011 Success!

Another successful Business Resilience in the Supply Chain conference completed. More delegates, more exhibitors and even more positive feedback than last year!

9may '11

IFSEC conference

CoDRIM are delighted to be presenting at the IFSEC conference at the NEC on May 18th. See website for more info.

13oct '10

CoDRIM are delighted to have agreed a contract with the Business Continuity Institute to provide a series of workshops entitled ‘Business Continuity in the Supply Chain’ in many international locations over the coming year.

The first will be at Abu Dhabi University on December 8th. For details see

18apr '10

Businesses across UK PLC need to take action to protect themselves where ever possible from the crisis caused by Volcanic Ash. Doing nothing is not an option!

First thing on Monday morning, or better still before.

1. Check out the locations of your critical staff. Are they stranded abroad after the school holidays with no flight and no hope of a flight for at least a week? Thousands are especially if in North America!

2. Pull out that Pandemic plan you created last year, in it should be the details of their deputies, details of the location of passwords needed by their team to continuity business in their unexpected absence. Customer details, a route to their diary, electronic or desk etc, etc. (No Pandemic plan! Start a plan now!)

3. Understand the critical work they were returning to. Losing staff for the duration of this event could be equivalent to losing them to a severe bout of flu.

4. Get their team or colleagues together and protect that essential project they were working on.

5. Arrange a meeting of the organisations 'Incident Management Team' understand what the threat to business is across board. Understanding the threat enables you to deal with issues and should discount any surprises.

6. Contact critical suppliers, understand their exposure to this threat, seek alternative suppliers where possible.

7. Contact customers, can you help them? Turn a possible negative into a positive.

8. Communicate with stakeholders, don't let rumour damage your share value.

And don't forget the value of a resilient supply chain in such times of crisis. Check out
For more advice contact CoDRIM

26mar '10

To mark the end of Business Continuity Awareness Week - CoDRIM launches exciting new conference

Business Resilience in the Supply Chain (BRiSC2010), is a not to be missed, exciting and unique conference which brings together the core elements upon which the resilience of any organisation is built. Packed with high quality speakers who present their personal knowledge, experiences and expertise for the benefit of all delegates.

High Quality, High Value, Low Cost! This is a conference you can afford to attend and cannot afford to miss!

Organised by CoDRIM and Supported by the BCI.

September 15th 2010, Madejski Stadium, Reading

Visit the BRiSC 2010 website>

21dec '09

CoDRIM website goes live

We are pleased to announce the launch of, and as of Jan 2010 we will regularly post news and information here. Please look back in the New Year.